This is my first pen review!

I recently bought this beautiful acrylic fountain pen from Guider pens of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Here is its review.

The Guider Acrylic – Glitter and Eye Candy!

What I liked about the pen:
1. The looks, the looks!
2. The feel of the pen in the hand: Its soft, pretty light and doesn’t feel bulky.
3. I liked the nib’s wet, Fine-Medium writing. It writes smoothly.
4. The person from Guider Pens was very helpful and prompt. The pen reached me within 3 days of ordering it .. on WhatsApp!

Handwriting Sample
Size comparison: Airmail EB 69, Guider Acrylic and Jinhao X750

The pen is not as large as some of the other hand made ebonite pens from India. It fits the hand nicely and isn’t as heavy as the Jinhao X450. However, the nib is smaller
in comparison to the size of the pen.

A close up of the pen

Overall, I like the pen. In fact, this is my costliest pen yet!!

I don’t intend on buying Mont Blancs and Watermans in the near future and also believe that a writing instrument should just be a writing instrument, not a luxury item.

All in all, I am happy that the pen looks stunning. More happy though, because it writes amazingly!

And finally, a special thanks to Vaibhav. Neither my blog, nor my photos are anything like his.. but this blog of his inspired me to buy this pen, and off-course the pic here.. 😉